Celebrity Analysis: True love knows no age

Whether there are cultural differences between you, many kilometers or many years: there are no obstacles to true love. This can best be illustrated using the example of the many celebrity couples who have significantly younger or older partners. We have examined 100 VIPs for you who are in a love relationship with at least 10 years of age difference. We have selected 50 German and 50 international stars for this. Here are the results of our investigation:

Half a century of difference: there are so many years between the celebrities

The greatest age gap among the internationally known VIPs is recorded by Flavio Briatore and Benedetta Bosi: almost 50 years, or half a century, separate the two lovebirds. The German counterpart is Nathalie Volk and Frank Otto, who are the leaders among German celebrities with a difference of 40 years. On average, the couples in Germany and Hollywood are almost 20 years apart. As far as the relationship duration is concerned, the stars in this country and in Hollywood have been together for ten and eleven years, respectively.

Gender age gap: Here women love a younger partner

The cliché that men choose significantly younger women as partners is only partially confirmed by the celebrities: among the German stars we found eight and among the international nine couples in which the women are at least ten years older. The celebrity women in Hollywood are on average 16 years older than their partners, in Germany only 13 years.

Even in the seven same-sex couples in the analysis, love knows no age limits: Here, the average age difference is 17.7 years in Germany and 18.5 years in Hollywood.