Cheap-Date-Index: Here the first date is cheapest for couples

Depending on where you spend your first date in Germany, it can be quite expensive: Especially if one pays for both. We took a closer look at how much a date that would not be limited to a short coffee during lunch would cost you. We have analyzed the average prices for a round of mini golf, a visit to your favorite Italian and an evening in a bar in the 15 largest German cities.

Mini golf as an icebreaker

To avoid embarrassing silence, active activities are ideal for a first date. The excursion to the mini golf course offers prospects of rapprochement and also pleases your wallet: on average, a round costs just under 13 euros for two people. However, the prices vary depending on the city: In Dresden and Leipzig, the cheapest entry (9 euros). Mini golf is also cheap in Essen, Duisburg and Nuremberg (11 euros each). It is significantly more expensive for minigolf fans in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main with more than 17 euros each.

Sparkling moments with pizza and wine

After so much physical activity you get hungry and you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Italian restaurant around the corner. You pay the least in Dortmund for two dishes and two glasses of wine with your meal (20 euros). In Essen (22 euros) and Bremen (25 euros) it is only a little more expensive. The metropolises of Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin (each just under 25 euros) are below the average price of 26 euros. The most expensive is a dinner with pizza and wine in Dresden: the average price is around 35 euros.

Bar visit: A nightcap at the end

If the chemistry is right, the evening cannot be long enough. So if you look into a bar after a meal, you pay an average of just under 20 euros for three drinks. In Essen, lovebirds end the meeting with a drink at the cheapest price: there, the drinks cost you an average of 15 euros. Also in Dortmund (16 euros), Dresden (17 euros) and Duisburg (just under 18 euros) you can spend the evening at the cheapest. On the other hand, you have to dig deeper into your pocket in Berlin and Cologne with just under 25 euros and 28 euros, respectively.

Dortmund and Düsseldorf: Geographically so close, priced so far

Dortmund and Essen are clear winners of the ranking: you pay an average of just under 47 euros for a round of mini golf, an Italian dinner and drinks to end the date. Also in Munich and Hamburg, which are usually not known for cheap prices, at just under 58 euros they are still below the average value (59 euros) of the analysis. By far the most expensive appointment you have in Düsseldorf: there the evening costs you an average of 67 euros.

About the investigation

Average prices are calculated from the three top-rated locations per category in the respective cities on TripAdvisor. If fewer than three locations were specified on TripAdvisor in a category, the best Google results were also included in the analysis. Prices that could not be viewed online were asked by phone. The weekend prices were taken into account in the entry prices for mini golf. The cost of a dinner is calculated from a pizza and a pasta dish and a red and a white wine. The prices for a cocktail, a long drink and a 0.3l beer were analyzed for the drinks in a bar.