Dating analysis: The most common crackling on these Christmas markets

With a glass of steaming mulled wine at the Christmas market, the mood for flirting increases with many singles. That is why we have examined for you this year which Christmas markets you have the best chances of flirting. We found out in which cities the most singles go to find a partner, where the most active and the most attractive Jaumo users are traveling.

To do this, we evaluated more than 470,000 anonymized likes that you distributed in the first two weeks of December. You can find the results here:

Crackling feelings in Krefeld

Krefeld in the Flirt stronghold of the investigation: You have swiped more than 45,800 times over the past two weeks with bratwurst and mulled wine to the right. The federal capital Berlin comes in second place in the ranking: There you were particularly active on Alexanderplatz and have given a like more than 30,000 times. You were also busy in Frankfurt am Main: In the search for the right match, you distributed over 26,700 likes to singles nearby.

In Dresden you have the best chance of a match

On average, you have to swipe right almost 29 times to get a match. In Dresden, however, the whole thing goes a little faster: Almost every 11th Like results in a successful match there. Dresden is therefore the first place in the cities with the best flirting opportunities. Your matching chances are also excellent in Munich, Cologne and Bielefeld: 15 to 16 likes lie between two successful matches. So, go there!

However, finding a partner in Heidelberg is a little more difficult: You have to assign around 110 likes to get a match. You also have to show more endurance in Gelsenkirchen than in Dresden or Munich: only after 68 times are there two singles whose likes are mutual.

Hotter, hotter, Duisburg: Here were the most attractive singles on the prowl

Nowhere have you distributed more likes per single than in Duisburg: There are a remarkable 51.6 expressions of favor per person. In Heidelberg, you also diligently collected sympathy points, around 47 per person. Kiel (33 likes), Gelsenkirchen (31 likes) and Krefeld (30 likes) follow at a distance. The least approved were the Magdeburgers (3 likes), the Oberhausen (6 likes) and the Chemnitz (9 likes) singles from other flirting people in their area.

About the investigation

Jaumo initially found the most popular Christmas markets in Germany and based on their size. The markets serve as a geographic limitation for tracking. This took place from November 26, 2019 to December 8, 2019 inclusive. It was examined how many users actively used the app, how high the total of likes and matches are and how many of them each individual user averaged during the survey period awarded or received. The data was collected and evaluated completely anonymously.