Dating analysis: For shooters and scorpions, the love stars are the cheapest

New year, new happiness – and maybe also a new love? At the beginning of the year, many question the stars about their happiness in love. But how does it actually look in reality: Which zodiac signs really find each other? We got to the bottom of this question. For this reason, we also looked at which zodiac signs are the most popular and which are the most common. We anonymously evaluated your likes and matches for three months.

Sagittarius and Scorpio in love happiness: These singles match most often

Two constellations are particularly successful in love affairs: both shooters and scorpions receive the most likes by far. Ten of the twelve zodiac signs are the most frequently matched with these two winter zodiac signs. The Capricorn and Aquarius singles among you are also coveted and will be shortlisted nine or five times.

But not all of the signs are received equally well by you. For example, the virgins are not among the favorites with no zodiac sign. Crabs are also out of luck and land on the flop list for ten out of twelve zodiac signs. Fish are, after all, a little more popular: five zodiac signs like to match with the watermark.

Men like bull women

Men and women obviously prefer different zodiac signs: Jaumo men most often desire bull women (21 percent). Sagittarians (20 percent), twins and Aquarius women are also particularly sought after among men (19 percent each). Aries and fish occupy the middle ranks with almost 18 percent. Capricorn and Virgo users (17 percent each) are the least popular and receive the fewest likes.

For virgins, women prefer to swipe to the right

When it comes to the signs of the zodiac, women tick differently: the virgin men are the most desirable among female Jaumo singles (29 percent). Capricorn and Aries men also make women’s hearts beat faster (28 percent each). The lions, scorpions and aquarians, on the other hand, have to wait the longest for a match: only 27 percent of them like the women straight away.

About the investigation

For the analysis, from September 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019, the worldwide awarded likes and matches of all 64 million Jaumo users were evaluated for three months. The evaluation was completely anonymized.